United Shot Locations

This season, Manchester United have averaged 14.9 total shots in the PL. This is enough to place them 4th in the division for total shots. When we only look at shots taken outside of the box, they rocket up to 1st place with 7.2 shots a game, meaning 48.32% of their total shots are from outside the box. As a comparison, Manchester City take 6.3 shots from outside the box (the 2nd most shots from outside of the box, nearly a whole shot less than United) from 19.9 total shots, meaning 31.66% of their shots are from outside the box, a massive difference between the 2 clubs. For shots taken within the six-yard box, United rank 10th, with 1.0 shots a game (6.71% of our total), so bang in the middle of the table. Finally, the Red Devils have taken, on average, 6.7 shots a game inside the penalty area; 11th in the league. For comparison, Man City take 11.4 shots from the penalty area a game. These 2 figures regarding shots from the six-yard box and penalty area strongly suggest that United like to shoot from distance very regularly. This is because they struggle to break down teams that sit in a low block, passing it side to side in front of the opposition box until someone decides to shoot from range, Pereira and Fred being culprits of this. This is a combination of lack of patterns being coached into the players to break down low blocks, and also because some players have poor decision making and frequently choose the wrong option as we approach the opponent’s goal.

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