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Hello, and welcome to this new website. On this site, I will share analytics, statistics and my opinions regarding Manchester United, and sometimes other clubs across Europe, but with the main aim centralised on the Red Devils. This idea has developed through a passion for the club since I was a child. I will try and make multiple posts a week at a minimum, depending on how much time I have available from my commitments. Especially during the season, I will make posts on upcoming and past games. Then during transfer windows, I will endeavour to help give information on the clubs transfer targets. I hope you enjoy the effort and time put in to bringing you the latest information on the club. Feel free to contact through either of the social media platforms, or right here on the contact form on our website, if you have any burning requests or questions!

From the Covid-19 outbreak, I lost my way with the site as the season ended early etc, but with the new season, hopefully things will be back up and running as they were, thanks for your patience!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or any specific requests for information on a specific player or team.

“Football, bloody hell”

Sir Alex Ferguson, 1999